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Weitergeleitet von Double income no kids. Neuer Stellenwert für Familie in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften , , S. Süddeutsche Zeitung , November Dezember September A Longitudinal Study of the Netherlands. In: International Sociology. Jahrgang 23, , S. In national elections in September , voters ended eight years of Labor rule.

Coming at a time when Norway's economy is in good condition with low unemployment, the rise of the right appeared to be based on other issues. Erna Solberg became prime minister, the second female prime minister after Brundtland and the first conservative prime minister since Syse. Solberg said her win was "a historic election victory for the right-wing parties". Norway, a unitary state , is divided into eleven first-level administrative counties fylke. The counties are administered through directly elected county assemblies who elect the County Governor. Additionally, the King and government are represented in every county by a fylkesmann , who effectively acts as a Governor.

The counties are then sub-divided into second-level municipalities kommuner , which in turn are administered by directly elected municipal council, headed by a mayor and a small executive cabinet. The capital of Oslo is considered both a county and a municipality.

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Norway has two integral overseas territories: Jan Mayen and Svalbard , the only developed island in the archipelago of the same name, located miles away to the north. On most maps, there had been an unclaimed area between Queen Maud Land and the South Pole until 12 June when Norway formally annexed that area. In most cases, the city borders are coterminous with the borders of their respective municipalities.

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Often, Norwegian city municipalities include large areas that are not developed; for example, Oslo municipality contains large forests, located north and south-east of the city, and over half of Bergen municipality consists of mountainous areas. Norway uses a civil law system where laws are created and amended in Parliament and the system regulated through the Courts of justice of Norway.

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It consists of the Supreme Court of 20 permanent judges and a Chief Justice , appellate courts , city and district courts , and conciliation councils. While the Prime Minister nominates Supreme Court Justices for office, their nomination must be approved by Parliament and formally confirmed by the Monarch in the Council of State. Usually, judges attached to regular courts are formally appointed by the Monarch on the advice of the Prime Minister.

The Courts' strict and formal mission is to regulate the Norwegian judicial system, interpret the Constitution, and as such implement the legislation adopted by Parliament. In its judicial reviews, it monitors the legislative and executive branches to ensure that they comply with provisions of enacted legislation.

The law is enforced in Norway by the Norwegian Police Service. Norway abolished the death penalty for regular criminal acts in The legislature abolished the death penalty for high treason in war and war-crimes in In general, the legal and institutional framework in Norway is characterised by a high degree of transparency, accountability and integrity, and the perception and the occurrence of corruption are very low.

However, there are some isolated cases showing that some municipalities have abused their position in public procurement processes. Norwegian prisons are humane, rather than tough, with emphasis on rehabilitation. Norway maintains embassies in 82 countries.

Norway issued applications for accession to the European Union EU and its predecessors in , and , respectively. While Denmark, Sweden and Finland obtained membership, the Norwegian electorate rejected the treaties of accession in referenda in and After the referendum, Norway maintained its membership in the European Economic Area EEA , an arrangement granting the country access to the internal market of the Union, on the condition that Norway implements the Union's pieces of legislation which are deemed relevant of which there were approximately seven thousand by [] Successive Norwegian governments have, since , requested participation in parts of the EU's co-operation that go beyond the provisions of the EEA agreement.

Non-voting participation by Norway has been granted in, for instance, the Union's Common Security and Defence Policy , the Schengen Agreement , and the European Defence Agency , as well as 19 separate programmes. Norway participated in the s brokering of the Oslo Accords , an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the Israeli—Palestinian conflict.

The Norwegian Armed Forces numbers about 25, personnel, including civilian employees.

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According to mobilisation plans, full mobilisation produces approximately 83, combatant personnel. Norway has conscription including 6—12 months of training ; [] in , the country became the first in Europe and NATO to draft women as well as men. However, due to less need for conscripts after the Cold War ended with the break-up of the Soviet Union, few people have to serve if they are not motivated. Today, Norway ranks as the second-wealthiest country in the world in monetary value, with the largest capital reserve per capita of any nation.

Foreign Policy magazine ranks Norway last in its Failed States Index for , judging Norway to be the world's most well-functioning and stable country.

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See also: List of Norwegian writers. We are going to pass a provisional checkpoint. Tyler great location, great value, and very clean! More recent finds along the entire coast revealed to archaeologists that the difference between the two can simply be ascribed to different types of tools and not to different cultures. Hal ini terjadi karena pisang mengandung tryptophan, sejenis protein yang akan diubah oleh tubuh menjadi serotonin, yang akan membuat anda menjadi relax, memperbaiki suasana hati mood dan secara umum akan membuat seseorang merasa lebih nyaman. Sommermotiv norwegian porn stars escort service in oslo : liten jente med lam by nasjonalbiblioteket. Sometimes the city is boring and also you want to disconnect and talk to some strangers.

The Norwegian economy is an example of a mixed economy ; a prosperous capitalist welfare state it features a combination of free market activity and large state ownership in certain key sectors, influenced by both liberal governments from the late 19th century and later by social democratic governments in the postwar era. Public health care in Norway is free after an annual charge of around kroner for those over 16 , and parents have 46 weeks paid [] parental leave. The state income derived from natural resources includes a significant contribution from petroleum production. Norway has an unemployment rate of 4.

The egalitarian values of Norwegian society have kept the wage difference between the lowest paid worker and the CEO of most companies as much less than in comparable western economies. The state has large ownership positions in key industrial sectors, such as the strategic petroleum sector Statoil , hydroelectric energy production Statkraft , aluminium production Norsk Hydro , the largest Norwegian bank DNB , and telecommunication provider Telenor. When non-listed companies are included, the state has even higher share in ownership mainly from direct oil licence ownership.

Norway is a major shipping nation and has the world's 6th largest merchant fleet , with 1, Norwegian-owned merchant vessels.

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Norway is a highly integrated member of most sectors of the EU internal market. Some sectors, such as agriculture, oil and fish, are not wholly covered by the EEA Treaty. Norway has also acceded to the Schengen Agreement and several other intergovernmental agreements among the EU member states. The country is richly endowed with natural resources including petroleum, hydropower , fish, forests , and minerals. Large reserves of petroleum and natural gas were discovered in the s, which led to a boom in the economy. Norway has obtained one of the highest standards of living in the world in part by having a large amount of natural resources compared to the size of the population.

Norway is the first country which banned cutting of trees deforestation , in order to prevent rain forests from vanishing. Crops, that are typically linked to forests' destruction are timber, soy, palm oil and beef. Now Norway has to find a new way to provide these essential products without exerting negative influence on its environment.

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In , the Norwegian government established the sovereign wealth fund "Government Pension Fund — Global" , which would be funded with oil revenues, including taxes, dividends, sales revenues and licensing fees. This was intended to reduce overheating in the economy from oil revenues, minimise uncertainty from volatility in oil price, and provide a cushion to compensate for expenses associated with the ageing of the population. Finally, the government controls licensing of exploration and production of fields.

The fund invests in developed financial markets outside Norway. Between and , Norwegian companies drilled oil wells, mostly in the North Sea.

Norway is also the world's second-largest exporter of fish in value, after China. The most valuable minerals are calcium carbonate limestone , building stone, nepheline syenite , olivine , iron, titanium , and nickel. As the stock markets tumbled in September , the fund was able to buy more shares at low prices. In this way, the losses incurred by the market turmoil was recuperated by November Other nations with economies based on natural resources, such as Russia, are trying to learn from Norway by establishing similar funds.

The investment choices of the Norwegian fund are directed by ethical guidelines ; for example, the fund is not allowed to invest in companies that produce parts for nuclear weapons. Norway's highly transparent investment scheme [] is lauded by the international community.

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In , the government sold one-third of the state-owned oil company Statoil in an IPO. The next year, the main telecom supplier, Telenor , was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. Since , economic growth has been rapid, pushing unemployment down to levels not seen since the early s unemployment in 1. The international financial crisis has primarily affected the industrial sector, but unemployment has remained low, and was at 3. In contrast to Norway, Sweden had substantially higher actual and projected unemployment numbers as a result of the recession.

Thousands of mainly young Swedes migrated to Norway for work during these years, which is easy, as the labour market and social security systems overlap in the Nordic Countries. In the first quarter of , the GNP of Norway surpassed Sweden's for the first time in history, although its population is half the size. Due to the low population density, narrow shape and long coastlines of Norway, its public transport is less developed than in many European countries, especially outside the major cities.

The country has long-standing water transport traditions, but the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications has in recent years implemented rail, road, and air transport through numerous subsidiaries to develop the country's infrastructure. The railways transported 56,, passengers 2, million passenger-kilometres and 24,, tonnes of cargo 3, million tonne-kilometres. The most important national routes are part of the European route scheme.

The two most prominent are the European route E6 going north—south through the entire country, and the E39 , which follows the West Coast. National and county roads are managed by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Norway has the world's largest registered stock of plug-in electric vehicles per capita. Of the 98 airports in Norway, [98] 52 are public, [] and 46 are operated by the state-owned Avinor. The central gateway to Norway by air is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

Norway's population was 5,, people in October Norwegians are an ethnic North Germanic people. Since the late 20th century, Norway has attracted immigrants from southern and central Europe, the Mideast, Africa, Asia and beyond. The total fertility rate TFR in was estimated at 1.