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My new apartment management is charges us money to pick up a package. Is this legal? Giving 10 days notice before intending to leave and refusing rent 2. Changing move-out day again to pay less rent, though still short of 30 day notice 4.

Only paying half of the rent, insisting that because of a new vehicle parked on our property RV she is unable to move and needs to use the remaining rent to hire movers. She has plenty of room to move and we have offered to help her for free. The RV was hit by a confused driver on Thanksgiving and cannot be moved at this time.

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Today I handed her a 3 day pay-or-quit notice since her rent is late. Is there anything I should do to cover my bases? She was on a month-to-month lease and none of her complaints above are covered by the lease. I called and had an AC company come out and give an estimate and he took pictures of the damage inside the housing. The unit was built in and is shot. Now the landlord wants 2 more companies to come out for estimates and in the mean time our temp. Do I have to pay this guy December rent? Hi , I live in a set of apartments, that originally were flat rate rent. Then a year or more ago, they got a grant to become subsidized, and now it is based on your income, similar to Housing and Section 8.

We never had a water bill, only electric. In my original lease it states the landlord is responsible for water and sewer. Since the change they added a water bill, that for some odd reason does not come from our local town, it is from a 3rd party billing company, out of Florida. I have never had a consistent bill. Hi I have a very similar situation. I paid my resnt in cash last month 10 hours late so I guess that constitutes a late fee. Cold, but late is late right? I have a habbit of paying late 1 to 2 days late and over the past year Ive incurred some late fees.

I have wholeheartedly admitted to my manager that I try to get away with not paying them. They have been piling up. So i actually was thinking this month when I paid rent 10 hours late he was not going to charge me a late fee. Boy was I wrong! Well it said back rent of and a 50 late fee. Im quite sure if I owed in back rent I would have heard about it long ago.

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I could only conclude that this was for my late fees. So I looked online and legally late fees cannot be included in a 3 day notice. Only rent can be in a 3 day notice. Again I look at the notice and it says past due rent and 50 late fee on a seperate piece of paper. I texted the manager and asked if the ws my late fees he was reluctant to admit it but eventually he did. He also told me that it was my past due rent because he took my rent and applied it to my late fees without telling me leaving me now behind on my rent. I couldnt believe how shadey that was.

I dont even know if it is legal its like what they did to you, appling the rent a they see fit.

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Further more I dont understand why it wasnt done before and why he did it behind my back. At least they told you thay were going to do it. Is what was done to us legal? If u fight this case in court, you will win due to the fact that the amount asked for in back rent is incorrect. Do not point this out to your landlord ahead of time. Most people do not have their leases written to be able to do this. Anything at all that you see that is incorrect on your notice to quit paper will be in your favor in court so do not point any of it out to your landlord.

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The judge will have no choice to rule in your favor when you point out discrepancies and then your landlord will have to start the entire process all over again. I recently worked with an attorney against a bad landlord trying to do something similar to me. I was served with probably 10 eviction notices in a 7 month period. Hang in there. Hi, I recently received an eviction notice from my land lord, the rent was due in the 5th and I mailed it out in a money order on the third.

Can he evict me? I rent a lot in a mobile home park in V.

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She has previously grounded my kids to our yard for 30 days stating if the step foot out of it we would be evicted. We put all we had in to this 5 br doublewide only to be left with nothing if she makes good on her threat. Is this even legal?? Hi my name is Lois Webster, i have lived in my two bedroom unit for 17 years. I am a poor person living in a market rate apartment and when i moved into the unit 17 years ago i was qualified at a lower rate. My son has an apartment in Illinois and has one month left of lease. The hot water tank in the apartment above him leaked 50 gallons of water through the ceiling.

Can he get out of his lease? Hi we had a flood in our apartment in August 3day before our wedding!! She also stated that she has proof because she took a picture of my tampons that should be illegal right? Then to make matter worse the fan that were in our apartment to dry the carpet were stolen we were told to set them outside our apartment door which we did.

Hi I asked to break my lease and my landlord agreed if she could find another renter that she would give me back my entire deposit. I had paid my rent for the month of September. She called and said she needed me out by September 18th to get the new renter in.

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I asked for the remainder of my rent for September back she then threatened me that she would keep my deposit if I was not out by the 18th. The new renters moved in for free until the first of October. There must be a law that says if a landlord asks you to leave before your rent is up that they have to reimburse you for the rent.

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Please tell me the law so that I can get back my money. Thank you Jackie. Hi we rented a place in Feb, it has a double carport, which I confirmed with the landlord when viewing that it was ours our space , as it has a side gate to the cottage behind, and she confirmed, the double car space was ours.

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Now seven months down the line, on the 31st, they have rented the mother cottage behind us and told us that the carport will be divided. But in repeated conversations since they have said, the 3 bed gets a double carport, you get the double carport, thank you for compromising on the carport. We had no choice, we do not have the cash flow to come up with another deposit or moving costs. And this arrangement is really not working for us. Hi i have a question.

My landlord does not reside in the same state as the property. Does she have to have a licensed property manager in the state of NC or can it just be a friend. And also she is always calling and texting us and my husbands chain of commands about things that are minor we skip a week of mowing the lawn and she always has friends drive by the house at all times and does not tell us.

Can she do this? I stay home most the time alone with my child as my husband is military and i no longer feel safe in my home knowing that all these people are driving by at all times of the day and night and have access to the house. I need to know me rights because my lease isnt up for awhile and if i break it i still have to pay her rent on top of where ever i move to and i can not afford that. On June 17th of I rented the apartment I am in. On June 18th, I had to throw out my couch and love seat because of bedbugs. I told the landlord. It took her another week to get this spray that does not work.

This is a 7 unit building and the whole building is infested and she knew it when I move in. I have no lease agreement and now since I organized the whole building about the bedbugs she is telling me to move out. I have missed 8 days of work over the past two months because of lack of sleep due to the bedbug bites.

I believe I have a case on retaliation. My residence is in Indiana. Hello my name is Rosa … Well I rent a two bed room one bath with garage I pay a month now when we moved in the home It was dirty and dusty nothing was clean my boyfriend and I had to fix the house clean our self because the landlord did make repairs to the house before we moved in. You have to move because your landlord gave you proper notice. This happened to my wife, soon and I six years ago.

We quickly realized we could afford to buy a home for less than rent. We visited a mortgage loan officer that helped us fix you credit by giving us a list of things to pay off.